Searching Place My Past

This is the third in our series of video tutorials.  Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by information as we research our family history.  Family history mapping provides a very visual way of researching our ancestors, but still too much information can get in the way of what we’re interested in.  

This tutorial looks at Place My Past’s search features including the time slider which you can use to declutter the map of events based on a date range.

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2 thoughts on “Searching Place My Past

  1. I like the way it works, looks like it would certainly help in trying to trace migration routes! For me it’s difficult determine because I get so caught up in everything!

  2. With the busyness of the Holidays, I have not been able to delve into putting the tutorials to good use..yet..this is high on the list for exploring right after the first of the year..can’t wait to see how it works with in our family : )

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